Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Letter #36

December 22, 2015

What a crazy week this has been! But a lot of good! We have found a lot of new investigators and just cool miracles! it just doesn't seem like Christmas is almost here! Just too weird!

My new companion is Sister Rackley from Ohio! Shes different...but I will l get used to it! Anyways! 

This should be good because there is a lot going on this week. Erivin is getting baptized on Dec. 26th! Which will be one year since I went to the temple! crazy! :)  then Kathleen who has been meeting with missionaries forever is getting baptized on the next Saturday! It's exciting!! 

Her brother - Jack German - will be coming down for the baptism on Saturday so that ll be cool! 

We will be able to Skype from a families home, probably sometime around 2:30! I will text you from their phone a little before i can just so you know! 

This Christmas should be fun, we were thinking of going around to less actives and me playing my violin for them! It should be fun!

Well sorry this letter is short nothing too exciting! :)

Ii love you all and hope that you remember why we have this holiday!!!!!

Love sister markus

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