Sunday, December 20, 2015

Letter #33

December 1, 2015

This week was good, its been a hard week because my companion is having a hard time with going home. I am doing most the work, I have to tell her when its time to go, to wake up, that is hard, I feel like I have a shadow more than a companion... but the Lord puts us where he needs us!

So we can start knocking doors and caroling, yay! I'm excited but scared! haha it'll be good :) I am beyond excited for this Christmas Season! I think it will be the best one I will ever have in my life!
Set a part as a representative of Jesus Christ, sharing with people why he was born! Sorry,  I'm gonna have a better Christmas then all of you! hahah I'm excited!

Thanksgiving in New Mexico is great! The Lord really does send you where he knows you! hahah  THEY PUT RED CHILI ON EVERYTHING! 

Red chili on the turkey, red chili on mashed potatoes, red chili on stuffing!!! yum yum yum!!!!!! Its amazing! Its spicy and ahhh sooo good! :) hahaha We had dinner at two places! The second was with an investigator. We ate at her families house who's mom is the only member! It was sooo fancy! Like 5 * fancy! 3 course meal! wow.... we got there and there was soup and I got some on my spoon,- they are Japanese fyi-  and its this huge thing of seaweed! But of course I had to eat it! Then there was fish stuff...mmm! hahah

Anyways, it’s been good! This week I'm gonna work hard!

I love you all soooo much!!!!

Sister Markus

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