Sunday, December 20, 2015

Letter #35

December 14th 

So this week was crazy good and great!!!

So on Tuesday we had Elder Bennett of the 70 come and talk with us! That was amazing!!! He spoke in last conference! Wow is he just a power house!!! Totally changed how I will do missionary work and live life!!! When talking to an elder he said, "I love you, but stop it!"

which i think that applies to everything! It goes to a good better best type thing and we need to not worry about all the little things!

It was just sooo great but then my companion wasn't taking notes and I was just having a hard time knowing she wasn't probably taking any of this to heart because of past things shes done I've kinda lost trust in her... anyways I was soooo stressed and I got to see my favorite companions Sister Mckendrick and Kelso!  I love them and I have missed them!  Then after shaking Elder Bennetts hand I saw an Elder who used to be my district leader who helped me and I lost it! Remembering what great companions I had and how hard working.... I lost it, and I mean anxiety and panic attack thinking of coming back to Los Lunas and me being the only one working, and not know if one of us was going to get transferred and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Then all these missionaries are around me start asking if I was ok and I said I need to talk to President! hahah oh I was able to and man is he called of God!

I just love him! Anyways he told me good things to help me and he knew how hard it was for me and told me..... 

Sister Christensen is getting transferred!! Oh man... I love her as a friend but as a mission sometimes I  think that is why we were is because all my companions have been power houses so I think Heavenly Father was like ok....this is how you'll feel if you don't work hard!!! wow....

So that helped this week, and there were lots of times when she didn't want to do anything but it was good knowing I only had 5 more days with her.. that sounds bad but...

Other cool things....... I have been really wanting to be bold in lessons and have it be by the spirit! well, (oh and Elder Bennett talked about that too!) so we were in a lesson and I didn't think I was being bold, but after the lesson the  member said and I quote,

"your boldness was by the spirit and I could see that!" ahhh I about cried!!! yay! 

Also, we have  some cool investigators!

Ervin-is 11 years old has been taking the lessons forever with his mom Jennifer and just now his dad Warren!They have been taking lessons so long that when Sister Mckendrick was here a year ago she taught them!  Well, when we first met ErvIn he said he was going to get baptized Jan 29! That was in Oct. and now he's getting baptized Dec. 26! (which will be one year since I went to the temple~) sooo excited for him!!!!

Kathleen Marshell  l- has been learning from missionaries for 15 years. Her brother is Jack Marshell who was in the 70's, and a motivational youth speaker.  Anyways, she is super catholic! Hard headed and hard hard 68 year old horder, but you cant but love her, SHES GETTING BAPTIZED JAN. 2!!!!!

So its been good, oh best part!

WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well family I love you!!! I'm excited for this next transfer, no I don't  know anything about Christmas yet, sorry doing my best and trying not to stress myself out! I love you~~~~

Sister Markus

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