Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Letter #62

June 28th
Man I swear, the weeks go by so fast, its kinda scary!


 We planed and that always takes forever! But we got a new investigator!! Yay! Her name is Karen and she's in her 70s! Super sweet and so far we have had two lessons with her! I really like her!


That was really fun P day! We went over with Ben and Nelline and made fry bread so we could have Navajo burgers with the zone! its was way fun! Then after that we went with members from the ward and Ignacio got a blessing. Man I am having a hard time knowing if he is progressing or if he's just enjoying the visits!


No one in our area was home... we knocked on doors and no one was home haha


We saw Adrian, man I LOVE that boy! He's doing good, he's a teenager but I still love him!

Friday we tried to stop by a ton of former's in Taylor ranch because we don't have a ton investigators in that ward, but no luck..


We saw Adrian again! And we were having a lesson and Brother Varela loves to collect random things and we were talking and all the sudden I saw two fencing swords in the corner, and long story short... Adrian and I fenced! haha IT WAS SO FUN!! :D
Then super cool, we were out knocking doors, no luck no luck, then we knock this door and a guy comes out, says he's heard about the church from a friend at work, she just left on a mission and gave him a Book of Mormon! SWEET! And he said we could come back over so we asked when and he said that night! ahhh yes yes yes!..well he ends up being a YSA,,,, but still super cool!

Sunday: These are my favorites, so to be honest. Back home I wasn't excited about going to church, but I think that's why on my mission Heavenly Father has had me go to at least 2 wards to start liking it! haha

But I just feel like Sunday is a feast for my spirit! I LOVE it!

Then yesterday we saw Adrian again, hoping to get the boys up here! It's CRAZY! Still haven't heard from the Bishop in Luna to see if he's talked to the wife, Brother Varela is trying to get the boys its crazy and hard! 

Then, Ben and Nelline,.....sjlakfjlaskgalshglkasjglksdajglskagas

Long story short they are getting divorced!.... UGH it is so bad and too long to get into, but this is why its so important to marry in the temple and to use the ATONMENT DAILY! ugh its so hard, I feel terrible for them, mostly Nelline... PLEASE PRAY FOR HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then today we went to the Zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahh that was fun and its SO much better than Utahs! 100%

And we get a discount because I'm from NEW Mexico :D

Hoping and knowing this week will be full of miracles! Sister Johnson and I are like the same person and laugh constantly, she's a big tender mercy! I love her! :)

Thanks for all you do! I LOVE you all!!!

PS... in this pictures is one of the STLS (Sister Bishop)
Hermana Marquez

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