Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Letter #60

June 14th

Man this last week all I needed and all I could do was  to think and focus on my boys! Adrian is up here all the time now with his dad. But the other 3 boys are still in Reserve. The mom won't give them to Brother Varela. Brother Varela got full possession of the house. Went down there and it was terrible. Just a mess, beer cans everywhere drugs everywhere. And my boys where living in that!

Honestly this experience with the boys has 100% changed me. It has shown me the kind of mother I NEED to be and how important it is to have the gospel in your home! That it is NOT just a happy nice suggestion, but it is the ONLY way to have a family! The Gospel brings more blessinging in our lives than we will ever know! I think, that it won't be till heaven that we then fully realize, as members of the Chruch, how blessed we were to have the gospel. I know for me I am so spoiled! And I will FOREVER be grateful that I have a home were I have a Mom AND a Dad who were are grounded in the gospel!

I thought I was leaving and the boys still haven't come up this week. We have seen Adrian a lot this week. Which is good !ecause I think  he really needs that! I love them! I love my family, I love my friends, but with the boys, it is so different! I love them so deeply and want nothing but the best for them and I want them to always be happy! And I know that the gospel is want can bring that to them! 

Staying here was a shock. I am surprised that I am still here, but I know its 100% for the boys and for Ben and Nelline. I know that Heavenly Father knows how much I love these boys and that I need to be here for them! So this is the transfer they get baptized! We are having the Bishop down there who knows the boys mom and she is fine with him, go talk to her and ask if the boys can be baptized! I just have a peaceful feeling that everything is going to work out!

As far as Ben and Nelline, please keep them in your prayers, a lot of bad things have happened and, it just shows that even after baptism  Satan will never stop working on us! That is why we have to fully let go of the past and submerse ourselves in the gospel!

To be completely honest, I'm nervous for this transfer, but Heavenly Father knows what he's doing and knows how to help me!

D&C: 101:16
Sister Markus

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