Sunday, June 14, 2015

Letter #8

This week nothing too exciting has happened. Sister Baker and I have made it more of a priority to contact more people. Man am I grateful for a car! IT IS SOO HOT!!! But it is crazy because we are just meeting a ton of mean people! And here is the thing, if you don't want to hear what we have to say then you don't have to yell at us! You can nicely say, I'm not interested! And man when people told me before my mission that people would slam the door in your face, I didn't think that that is what people actually do! People will yell at us to leave and then slam the door! There was one lady we knocked at her door, and she looked at us through the window and was like "OH GREAT" so she opens the door and we say hello (all nice and happy) and she FREAKS out! She says,"DO YOU HAVE YOUR RIO RANCHO SOLICITING/PROSELYTING PERMIT?!" and it totally took us off guard so we were like umm.......We have a little white card that says we can be proselyting so I showed her it and she read it and shes like "Ok, this isn't for Rio Rancho. You need one for Rio Rancho!! My husband is an attorney so I need you to leave right now before I make things a bigger deal!!!"

That made us mad! Like wow! But Sister Baker read us a little talk thing after we got home that night  and it was like a letter from one Elder to another about a companion he had. They were getting doors slammed in their face and the companion told this Elder "we have to get doors slammed in our faces so the Lord can trust us and know that we are going to listen to where he wants us to go!" So that helped and I've thought more that it is just helping so I don't get so upset over them and that it really is showing the Lord that I'm willing to get yelled at to help find that one person that needs to hear his gospel! 

I'm loooving my mission! I miss you all like crazy! :)

With love, from me to you,
Sister Markus :) 

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