Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter #6

This week has been good but nothing too exciting! Tuesday we went to dinner with those Baptist people and it went good! They know a lot and have a ton of questions. They invited us back so we will see how that goes! The next day we had our lesson with Kenyon, who would be my favorite investigator if I could have one! He's just great and I really feel God's love for him!  
We had Brother Condie come to the lesson with us. They just moved into the ward and he has been home from his mission like a couple months now. SO IT WAS A GREAT LESSON! He was saying what to say and asking commitment's he should ask and when the lesson would get off topic he'd bring it back. Wow that was amazing! 

Our mission has asked us to OYM (Open Your Mouth) more, so Sister Backer and I walked around for 4 hours trying to find and talk to people! I  have sooo many blisters but its good ! :)

 Thursday we got to go do service at a place called Loving Thunder! They have horses and guess what, its a place where special needs kids come to ride horses! ahhhhh it was great!!!! We got to groom them and I felt like the movie Dreamer :) haha 

We met with Dennis twice this week and he is doing soooo good! Once he clears up word of wisdom, he's going to be set! I cant even begin to explain the change I've seen in him and wow how the light of Christ in him has grown! He's such an amazing man and I wish you all could meet him!

 Elder Ah Loy (who went to Elk Ridge and Bingham) just got transferred to be assistant to the president so I am sad to see him leave our zone because its like a part of home leaving. But it will be okay! Other than that nothing too exciting this week! I'm still in love with my mission and even more my area! I hope I never leave star heights ward! ;) haha I love you all soooooo much! Thank you for everything!

With love from me to you,

Sister Markus

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