Sunday, May 3, 2015

Letter #4

Sorry, I have to be done at 1:00 and it's 12:22, so I hope I can hurry and write this and everyone back! Man this week was HARD!!!! Yes, I called my mission president asking to call home, but it's amazing how inspired he really is. As much as I thought it would help he knew it wouldn't. I went on with my day and it was still hard. I have tried to talk more with my companion but its like talking to a wall. And we were at a member's house and she was making fun of how I was crying and how I wanted to call home. So that made me mad. But the members house we were at, she is over beehives i think, anyways, that night was Wednesday and for her activity she had her girls write me notes. and they were "open when" notes. So one said "open when you need hope". "open when you need wisdom". and there was one the read "open now". and wow its amazing at such a young age the testimonies of those girls. also, I felt like it was an answer to my prayers, like God was saying I hear you. you can do it. I'm not 100% feeling better but I'm getting there. my companion and I had a long talk and are getting along better! 

I have an amazing district! Oh we got to go to the temple yesterday!!! :)
AHH the Lord knew when to send me to New Mexico because he knew by week 3 I needed to go to the temple. they only go twice a year! so that was awesome and the temple is usually closed Monday so it was just missionaries there. it was cool with a ton of missionaries there and thinking we are the Lords army and its was just powerful! then President Miller talked to us in a sealing room, THAT WAS AWESOME! I just am in love and addicted to the temple.

I think I told you about the Lockard family, Brother Lockard is the Ward mission leader! and they are like a second family! so it helps that he's awesome! we are teaching a lot of people! so hopefully soon they will progress more! Alos, I don't think I have ever biked/walked soo much in my life. and its weird because it has been raining here a lot! and so there have been times we are walking and biking in the rain/hail! But it all adds to the adventure. writing home is hard because I have to think about you all. not that i don't love you, but it's hard because then I miss everyone! So please keep me in your prayers! I LOVE you all!!!

With love from me to you,
Sister Markus :)


Kaylee's internet time is pretty limited on her P-Day! It can be hard for her to read through all of her e-mails and send responses. If you have some time, she would LOVE to get some good old fashioned letters in the mail!
You can write her at 660 Tulip Road Apt F, Rio Rancho NM 87124

Thank you for all your prayers in support of Kaylee, she definitely needs them!

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