Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter #5

WOW this week was sooo good! So last Tuesday we went to the store to get our food, and I was about to pay for my food and this lady comes up and says she wants to buy mine and Sister Baker's food! Wow that was amazing! I really just felt Gods love then! 

On Thursday we were OYM-ing (open your mouth) and just talking to random people. I felt like we should go to this one house and the lady answered! We told her who we were and then shes like  "do you want to come in?" haha YES, YES WE WOULD LOVE TO COME IN! haha so we sat down at the table with her and her new husband and we just talked. We talked about their faith and about ours and they said they were interested and we asked when we could come back and shes like, "want to come over for dinner Tuesday?" YES, YES WE WOULD LOVE THAT!!! holy cow that was amazing! 

Then we saw this guy outside and talked to him and he's like, "yeah I know the sheep scripture, but I'm not interested". so we were like oh ok, and he kept saying "i wish i had something to give you guys" and we kept saying it was fine. Then we were half way down the street and he yells to us and he is running. That can not be a good sign, but when we turn around he gives us $20 and told us to go get something to eat. WHAT?! I think that was amazing because here is this man of a completely different faith helping out two Mormon missionaries. I think we can all learn from his example, not saying we need to just give money away, but love everyone no matter who they are!!

It was good talking to you guys on Skype. I was really really scared that it was going to make me home sick all over again, but I'm too in love with my mission now!! I'm in LOVE with my investigators! and i don't know how to explain it, but i want nothing more than for them to have the comfort and blessing of the gospel in their lives! think about when you were going through a really hard time, and you prayed and Heavenly Father helped you, comforted you. think of all the blessings and joy the gospel has brought in your lives. THESE PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THAT!!! AHHH that seriously kills me! So yes, i am loving my mission!!! hahah and i love you all soooo much! Thank you for the prayers, letters, EVERYTHING!!!!

With love form me to you,

Sister Markus :)

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