Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Letter #77

October 11th

A letter from Kaylee and her mom:

"Kaylee indicated in a response to my email that she really did not feel like writing an email this week. I had asked how she was feeling about coming home.

I have taken a few excerpts from the little she did email to us and thought I would go ahead and email it to everyone so you wouldn't wonder where her letter is
but also to let you know how she is doing. She is a little worried about the transition back to normal life and what that will entail. She did indicate that it had been
a good week. She will be emailing us one last time on Monday before arriving home on Wednesday!!!

We appreciate everyone's prayers in behalf of Kaylee and the support she has received from so many of you and we know your support and prayers is what helped
her finish out her mission! Please continue to keep her in your prayers after she gets home as she makes the transition back to everyday life!  Thank You!!!!!"

Marilyn (Kaylee's Mom)

"So I really just don't feel like writing a weekly e mail....man

ugh,,, I feel like I'm excited to come home, I feel worn out, but I love the people here so much I feel like it will be worse than leaving home, the talk Elder Holland gave that talks about after having heavenly experiences we at some point have to come back to earth...and I don't want to miss this, I love living like this!!!

This week is gonna be hard, but I am gonna work hard!"

Sister Markus

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