Monday, April 6, 2015

Kaylee's First Letter

Wow! Im in the MTC and i am a full time missionary for The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints!!!!!!
After you guys had dropped me off and that Elder helped me with my bags i went into a room and they gave me a little envelope and told me to wait in line. And i was thinking oh my gosh my name tag is in here!! So then i went to this lady and she pulls out my name tag and said "there it is Sister Markus in black and white" and i of course starting crying like any girl would and i couldn't stop telling her how excited i was! Its like at that moment when she put my name tag on i didn't even know what it meant to be nervous! IT WAS AWESOME!!!

I put my bags in my room and went right to a class. And there we just talked and got to know everyone in our district. 
There are two Elder companions and one other sister companions! My companion's name is Sister Poh and she is from
Fresno California and going to..... NEW JERSEY MORRISTOWN!!!! (Same mission as Vickie Bentley!) So that's been fun and she reminds me of Vickie. So i do like her and we get along good! The other two sisters and Sister Houskeeper and Sister Piahana! THEY ARE AMAZING!! I just love them all, and Sister Piahana is from Australia! So that's pretty cool! The 

I love my classes and teachers, the spirit is sooo strong i just feel like i want to either cry or just scream the church is true! on the first day the split some of the new missionaries up and we went into classes and then they would tell us we were going to meet an investigator, there story and then to think how to teach them.
It was pretty cool because we just passed around a mic and talked to them and there are some amazing people here at the MTC!

Thats one of the biggest things we do is practice teaching investigators! 
Yesterday i was kinda hitting a road block and in my classes i couldn't stay focused and i had a hard time understanding what they wanted us to do and how to teach things. We would teach investigators (our teachers) and it was just hard to try and get a lesson and not to be all over the place. So at dinner i was feeling like i needed to ask for a blessing and i kept thinking i should have Elder Jones give it to me. He is one of our zone leaders and also a new convert to the church! His spirit is just amazing as well as his companions! So i asked him for a blessing and it was soooo cool to see that an Elder who knew me only for 24 hours and didn't know anything about me said just what i needed!
After that i felt like a powerhouse ready to take on the world!!

Today had been pretty good, i am starting to understand how to make a lesson and how to teach it with out being all over the place. I love how much it feels like a family here! Everyone says hi to each other and all the Elders always hold the doors for the Sisters so that's fun haha! Oh and today in our morning class Brother Jones told us he wanted us to go up to another missionary or teacher and share our testimony of Christ with them. and i was so nervous. but sister Poh and i found and elder and she went first and then i went. and as i went it was just amazing the spirit was there and i just loved it. well hes learning Portuguese and he shared his testimony with us in that and WOW! i mean i had no idea what he was saying, sometimes it said it in English after some words, but i have no idea what he said, but i knew what he was saying was true and it built my testimony that God doesn't care what language you speak he hears and answers your prayers and the Gospel is true in every language! 

But anyways, I'm loving the MTC and im sooooo excited for conference!! I LOVE you all!!! (oh and thanks for the notes and treats;)

Sister Markus :) 

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