Sunday, June 12, 2016

Letter #59

June 7th

The BEST thing of this week and probably the transfer is that BEN GOT BAPTIZED!!!

Ahh all the heart ache all the sorrow was all worth this moment!

It was my FAVORITE seeing him standing in white with his tattoos and knowing his past and seeing him here. Like all baptisms, it is the atonement in action! And i just can't believe i was able and that I was so LUCKY to be a part of someones eternities! Because now the goal for them is the temple! And man, it doesn't even seem real! Like i just get to do this everyday, 

I CAN NOT WAIT for that moment, in heaven, when I get to see the Bitsilly kids with their families, and I get to see Ervin with his kids, with Kathleen and her family, and seeing George. Being able to see Ben. and nelline and there family together forever... And my boys!

That will be the most amazing thing I will ever get to see, them all happy with their families forever! And I GET TO BE APART OF THAT!!! I get to help with that and I can NOT believe that Heavenly Father picked me to help these people i LOVE more than ever!

I love this gospel and I LOVE seeing people physically change! And in turn I change with each person!

Thank you all for your love and support! 

Hermana Markus

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